Trades and Sells

For Individual Pops:

As we are also collectors, we buy and trade pops. If you would like to trade or sell a pop, shoot us an email at

In the subject line include the words "Funko Pop!, Genre, #, pop name and exclusivity (if applicable) 

Example: Funko Pop! Game of Thrones #54 The Mountain (Armoured) SDCC Exclusive

Include what you would like to trade for or how much you would like to sell the pop for and we will follow up ASAP!

 If you are in Southern California, we can arrange to meet in person if not trades and sells will go through the mail.


Email an excel list of the collection and include any damage next to the line item. Please specify where the damage is on the box, window, or figure if any at all.

If you are located in southern CA, we can arrange to meet in person and save on shipping cost.


Pops we are currently hunting for our personal collection:

Headless Ned Stark, Metallic Children of the Forest, The Wicked Witch, The Thing, Brienne of Tarth (Hot Topic Exclusive), Anger (SDCC Exclusive), Non-Metallic Dragon 3 Pack (HBO), AC Slater, Lyanna Mormont (NYCC Sticker), Judy Hops, Jaqen H'Ghar (NYCC Sticker), Panthro, Snarf, Mum-Ra, Dory (#74), Metallic Wicked Witch, Fred Flintstone, Benson, Mordecai, Metallic Dumbo (SDCC) and many more!