A FABulous Summer Tournament

Grails Gone Wild Toys and Collectibles

Regular price $40.00

A FABulous Summer!

Sunday, 7/3 at 12pm

Entry: $40

Format: Classic Constructed


Everyone will receive 1 Flesh & Blood Playmat & 1 Random set of Flesh and Blood Dragon Shield sleeves ( Prism, Chane, Lexi or Oldhim)

$1400 Cash Pool. + CF's, Rainbows Foils and Boosters!

Cash pool split between top 8:

1st Place: $500

2nd Place: $260

3rd -4th: Place $100

5th-8th: $60

9th-12th:  (Stalagmite Bastion of Isenloft CF, Shockcharmers Rainbowfoil, Tectonic Plating Rainbowfoil, Bravo Star of the Show CF)

13th-16th: 1x Booster Box of ToA Unlimited

There will be a top 8 cut to duel it out for the cash pool.

9th-12th will select their prizing from the card pool by order of ranking.