Blitz Mayhem

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Entry Fee: $20

Date: 9/1

Time: 6pm 

For this month's Blitz Mayhem, we will be using Monarch. The heroes include:

Chane (Shadow Runeblade)

Levia (Shadow Brute)

Prism (Light Illusionist)

Boltyn (Light Warrior)



Each participant will receive a random, sealed Monarch Blitz deck. There are 4 copies of each hero. The event will be capped at 16 players. We will be drafting this time around to supplement your decks with some extra fire power.

We will go 3 rounds and cut top 4 


1st Place: 1 legendary armor to boost (lol) the power of your blitz deck hero.

        1st Place Chane: Grasp of the Arknight

        1st Place Prism: Phantasmal Footseps

        1st Place Levia: Carrion Husk

        1st Place Boltyn: Valiant Dynamo



In Addition to the 1st place prizing, there will be an additional prize based on a team component. Each unique hero represents 1 team. There is Team Chane, Team Levia, Team Prism and Team Boltyn. The hero that records the most wins for the event will win 1 booster boxes of Monarch to be split amongst the 4 player team.