May The 4th Be With You Mystery Box (Special Edition)

Grails Gone Wild Toys and Collectibles

Regular price $15.00

1 Pop Per Box

200 Boxes

Over $1000 in Grand Prizes

All Pops pictured included:

Freddy Funko as Yoda SDCC LE 450 x 1

Freddy Funko as Kylo Ren SDCC LE 400 x 1

Jar Jar Binks x 1

Futura Vader x 1

Futura Boba Fett x 3

Futura Strom Trooper x 2

Wonder Con Boba Fett x 1

Futura C-3P0 x 1

Futura R2-D2 x 1

The Child (Baby Yoda) x 30

200 Assorted commons, chases, exclusives and vaulted pieces.