Not Minty Mystery Box Volume 20

Grails Gone Wild Toys and Collectibles

Regular price $30.00

$30 Each

Each box contains 1 pop

All Chases, Exclusives and Vaulted POP!s 

No Commons

Conditions range from damaged to mint, although most will be minty.

80 Boxes Available

Grand Prizes:

  • Neo
  • Freddy Krueger Chase (GITD)
  • Red Ranger #23
  • Manny Pacquiao
  • Tigger (Flocked) SDCC Exclusive (Official Sticker)
  • Heisenberg (Blue Crystal) (Shared Sticker)

Order as many as you'd like, but only 4 per order.

Do Not Combine with other products, your order will be severely delayed.

Boxes Ship Friday, September 25, 2020